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Grow long hair fast using oil or Avocado fruit

Avocado is a fruit very nutritious, not only for the growth of healthy hair, but for our overall health. I’d love to eat avocados every day and using this product on my hair, but here, it can be considered quite expensive as avocado is thought of as one of those special and unique fruit ‘ high end ‘. Here, organic avocado oil costs about $ 25 for 50 ml, which for me can last for 6-7 months. Supermarket sales or discounts during weekend is the best time for fresh avocados as ‘ in dozens ” grab ‘.

Avocado, like most fruits and vegetables, are best eaten raw as with ham sandwiches, served with salads, mashed with another fruit like banana cakes perhaps mature (for kids too) or turned into mashed or blended with other fruit to make juice.

Sometimes, I like in my egg omelette or in my cereal with other fruits. Kids can find fun avocado dip in honey or peanut butter.

Now, other than to eat and mix in a bowl of fruit juices, ice cream, or in any way you like it, this amazing fruit may be used on our scalp and hair too-when is a paste and puree. You can mix and if you prefer.

Good thing for hair? When this is applied on the hair, we get all its nutrients, as when you eat? Not really, but it’s still great for hair.

Basically the avocado fruit is rich in proteins, amino acids, omega-3 fats and vitamins C, A, D and e. These nutrients look good and this is what we get when we eat avocado oil fresh, but not like avocado.

Avocado, used for the growth of hair and scalp

I don’t know if you understand this, but if you pick up a bottle of avocado oil, you will see that the avocado oil contains zero proteins. This is simply because when oil is extracted, we remove the proteins, carbohydrates and fats all based on substances.

In fact, the avocado oil also pressed cold is produced by separating the oil from the pulp. So this also means that most of its vitamins such as vitamin C, E and B are also lost in the process. In addition, the amount of omega-3 is not as much as you get when you take fish oil.

On the other hand, however, avocado oil has a very high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, which work well for hair-this is the most important thing is avocado oil, when it comes to how can help you maintain a healthy scalp to grow hair naturally very fast.

It is said that extra virgin olive oil is good for hair, but this I know-avocado oil has even higher monounsaturated fatty acids of extra virgin olive oil.

You have dry hair, brittle, damaged and weak? Here’s the good news-when applying directly on monounsaturated fats for your hair, can really moist, nourishing and make your hair strands stronger. So not only will the Crown well protected but shine and make heads turn!

Only for side track here, for a change, can also crush or blend (becomes ‘ more ‘ doughy) a really ripe avocado and then spread it over your hair as a deep conditioner. If you don’t mind the mess and can do this regularly, great.

As for me, I do it once a month, for a change from Virgin coconut oil. Really depends on my mood ‘ but certainly makes an avocado Hair Conditioner effective and wholesome or moisturizer. Otherwise, they also have many other natural recipes of the scalp and hair in my e-book to suit my moods and feelings.

Back to avocado oil, adding this oil to your regular conditioner and apply it to your hair before shampooing, makes a wonderful pre-treatment.

Or if you have fragile hair, sparkling, dry or towel dry just a bit of avocado oil hair styling to make it soft, shiny and attractive. I like this, for a natural look.

Scalp massage with Avocado oil

Now this is the part that I like to do. A scalp massage good, consistent and correct is the key to grow hair naturally very fast. So when I feel like avocado oil on your hair, just like my regular scalp massages, DAB this oil on my fingertips and massage my scalp.

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