Senin, 15 April 2013

Green Party foods

So do you consider yourself a steward of the land pretty good … you’re clean, green, low impact and are hip about global warming. What does it take to transform the clean green image squeaky out in the yard? I see it as “taking the green on the road.” Make funny … you’re almost ready to get your BBQ freak and you ask yourself, “what can I do to make this Q Cool as green and Earth-smart as can be?” Here are a few simple appetizers.


Simply by getting outdoors and transforming your interior, you are already saving mega loads of electricity. Also turn off the air conditioner if you’re bold. Found an old school “Smokey Joe” kettle grill and let the magic comes to you. No propane or other gases needed-just stamped bi-products from wood and charcoal briquettes. Get cheap ones and please do not use lighter fluid to use-start a couple sheets of newspaper wadding and a coal fireplace if you have one. See you’re getting greener already.


So the grid is leaving just enough time to drink about 1.5 beers before baking. Whatever you throw on the grill, make the room. Local chicken is very easy to find, in fact it can even grow in your backyard if you’re so inclined. It is common for municipalities to allow up to a dozen birds each property and that is pretty constant source of eggs when you think. Of course, the local farmers market is the best means of participation and a shining endorsement for movement of “local Production” that is afoot. Besides the fact that you’re doing your neighbors a good, you’re keeping the revenue into the community and not pay someone else the unit cost of the product plus fuel, transmission, distribution, labor, taxes etc to get that cold, dry, stamped the chicken breast from Chili.


Direct from the farmers market down the street, scratching the back of a local boy who do not know, we have come up with a pretty green faire, well rounded, ecological and healthy for a cookout. No appetizers. Beer.

Mixed Greens, mint and radish with cranberry Vinaigrette

Local shoots of asparagus in lemon butter and Rosemary

(1) 4 x 4 x 4 slab ‘ o cornbread

New baby round and Golden potatoes with chives and lemon butter

(3) beer can chicken, smoked in a fragrant brilliantly Applewood riff raff and soaked in Jack (marinated)

Dessert … Strawberry Shortcake ice cream with local dairy that collects our milk from local farmers (who make a mean batch of curds so) is a perfect blend of garbage in, garbage out.


This is fairly straightforward and sometimes I feel silly mentioning also but have you ever wondered what the backyard barbecue would be like without all the plastic and paper products we have become accustomed to? Try it sometime-eliminate all paper plates, plastic forks and cups and all plastic Tupperware type containers that swell from your closets and instead of taking a step back and use the regular internal plates and silver. It works-it’s easy. Compliment that idea is something else taking shape slowly but surely … Items made from bamboo. This is a hybrid of great compromise between indoor and outdoor ‘ goods ‘. The bamboo is beautiful stuff because it’s like washable picnic ware. I like it. Finally, (and this kills me) throw away all plastic bottles of water and drink responsibly, at the end of the glass tube or metal bottles belle that flood the market today. No linings, BPA-free. It’s all good.

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